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Sales orientated writing
Creative writing is the most important part of any mass mailshot marketing campaign, whether online via emails, or in hard copy through direct mail.

Scribbles will add structure, focus and a touch of flair to the copy of your direct mail or email promotions to maximise their potential and improve your return on investment (ROI).

When you’re considering a mass mailshot campaign – whether electronically or the old-fashioned way, through the post – your main focus should always be on the ROI that you’ll achieve.

Traditionally, the success rates of direct mail and email marketing campaigns have been very low, meaning that many companies have used mass mailing methods to play the volume game. While these promotions may seem relatively inexpensive, the costs can mount up once you take into account printing, stamps, mailing lists, inserts, etc. – so you should make every effort to boost their potential for success.


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Scribbles offers creative writing services to those looking to exploit their mass mailshot marketing campaigns to the max. We create exciting, persuasive copy that’s structured to gain the interest of your audience quickly, directing them to pick up the phone, to email you or to ‘click here’ to buy from your website.

Creative writing that captures your audience’s imagination
If you’re used to disappointing results from your mass mailshots, or you want to maximise the ROI of your marketing campaign, why not have a chat with us about the creative writing service that we can offer for your direct mail and email promotions? Simply contact us on 01707 660 377 or email us your brief, and we’ll outline the ways in which we can help.

Direct Mail Copywriting

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Project elements:

  • Website copywriting
  • Rewriting
  • Copy-editing