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Building a brand with your tagline
First impressions really do count: online audiences have very short attention spans – it’s just the nature of the medium – so you have literally only seconds during which to grab their attention. As a consequence, building a brand with a creative tagline or slogan is essential for any corporate website.

Scribbles creates taglines that are simple, imaginative, memorable and effective in building a brand for your business.

Potential customers surfing the net have so much choice these days that they’ve become fickle browsers, dedicating only moments to any one site during which they’ll decide whether it offers what they’re looking for, before clicking away to the site of a competitor. Building a brand that’s recognisable and memorable will help to encourage potential customers to read on and buy from you – then come back for more and develop a loyalty that will promote your business.


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Building a brand through a tagline is not a simple task: capturing the essence of your business in a unique collection of words that communicates both who you are and why the customer should care is a skill that combines both art and science. Get it right and your tagline can be another tool in your online promotion armoury; get it wrong and you could well be missing an opportunity to expand your corporate image and grow your business.

So while taglines may be small in size, it’s clear that they can have a massive impact on your online trade.

Develop your corporate identity
Whether your business needs something pragmatic or something more imaginative, Scribbles can create a tagline for your website, blog or brochure. Call us on 01707 660 377 or email us to discuss your needs.

Building a Brand

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