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Exhibition promotion to maximise your impact at a show
Exhibitions offer a massive opportunity for businesses to win new clients, build a reputation, develop their corporate identity, or launch new products and services.

Scribbles’ exhibition promotion service helps companies to make the most of these events and to leave a lasting impact on those who attend.

Exhibitions can be expensive affairs, with stands costing thousands to develop, and the space and utilities at the event costing thousands more – so you really don’t want to waste this opportunity to win new business.

Every year, all too many exhibitors assume that, to succeed at an exhibition, all that they need do is to show up at their ‘shell scheme’ stand with a few posters and business cards, and that the customers will then come flooding in – all of which is unplanned madness.

There’s so much more that you can do to prepare for an exhibition that will boost your return on this significant investment of time and money. Anything less than an all-out mission to exploit to the full every opportunity that an event like this offers you will mean that your time at the exhibition will have fallen short of its potential.


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Scribbles’ exhibition promotion service can:
- negotiate with the exhibition organiser;
- develop a design concept for your stand;
- write copy for your promotional literature and display;
- create your press releases;
- develop your press pack;
- create and develop public relations (PR) opportunities;
- supply creative copy for all event organiser promotional opportunities (event website, event catalogues, etc.);
- coordinate all third parties (designers, printers, stand builders, PR, marketing, etc.);
- write copy for advance promotions that will make the most of your presence at the exhibition; and
- follow up with communications that make the most of the opportunities and contacts that you established at the event.

Scribbles’ exhibition promotion service goes the extra mile to make sure that every opportunity that the exhibition offers is fully explored and exploited.

Make the most of your exhibition promotion
Scribbles’ exhibition promotion service offers any business attending an exhibition anywhere in the UK the opportunity to maximise its potential and win more customers. Call us on 01707 660 377 or email us to discuss your exhibition needs.

Exhibition Promotion

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Project elements:

  • Website copywriting
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Exhibition promotion