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Regular SEO copywriting can improve your website or blog’s search engine visibility, and build customer loyalty.

An effective web presence is one that speaks to both its human and search engine audiences – one that engages with them and sparks an interest, maximising the potential for sales.

Imagine buying a newspaper that always runs the same stories, day after day: how long will it be before you decide to buy a different newspaper? In the same way as a newspaper needs to deliver news, your website should be updated or added to on a regular basis – or it risks losing its audience.

A modern website can no longer act as a static online brochure; rather, it needs to be updated regularly to improve its search engine visibility and to connect with its visitors to build your business. ‘Regularly’ could mean anything from ‘every day’ to ‘every three months’, depending on the business and the budget available.

Search engines love new content: the more, the merrier. An SEO campaign is not a one-off project; rather, it is an ongoing relationship between copywriter and client. Websites with frequently updated, relevant copy are far more likely to be noticed, listed and shown by search engines than those that remain static – which is why SEO copywriting is so popular these days.


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We promote our clients’ businesses and optimise their online presences for search engines through regular SEO copywriting in a variety of forms.
- create additional web pages.
- update tired or outdated content.
- write online articles and news items.
- create or manage your corporate blog.
- report on successes and achievements.
- write press releases.
- add new products and services.

Regular SEO copywriting to refresh your web presence
Because search engines drive the majority of all web traffic, it’s essential that you make your blog or website as friendly and accessible as possible for them. With SEO copywriting, you can attract their attention - and in doing so, draw additional business, profits and growth to your business.

As web-savvy creative writers, we at Scribbles are adept at producing content on any subject, and to any volume and frequency. To discuss your regular SEO copywriting needs, please call us on 01707 660 377 or email us your brief.

SEO Copywriting

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Project elements:

  • Website copywriting
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Regular copy updates