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SEO copywriting is one of the most important long-term ways of promoting your business online.

Optimise your website, blog and online articles accurately, and you could have many more potential customers flocking to your door. Initiate a programme to analyse and update your SEO copywriting regularly, and you could improve the profitability of your online business year on year.

SEO copywriting or search engine optimisation savvy web writing is essential to the success of any online business – a bold statement that is nonetheless true.

Get it right and, for the money that you spend, there is no more effective long-term method of constantly presenting your business to new and eager potential customers.

Why is SEO copywriting so important?
Put simply: search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN are the most powerful business promotional tools of the Internet age. Because they direct the vast majority of all web traffic, businesses spend fortunes attempting to get themselves noticed by them. But for the budget-conscious company, the costs of a little SEO copywriting are well within reach - and money very well spent.

The myths and madness of SEO copywriting
Because the phrase has been so overused (and often misused), many people fall into two distinct camps: those who think that ‘SEO copywriting’ is a promise of guaranteed online success and those who think that it’s a load of old codswallop.


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In the early days of SEO copywriting, firms touting this new way of getting to the top of the search engine of your choice (usually Google) made ridiculous claims about ‘guaranteed #1 spots’ – only to go on to mask what they did in mystery and misdirection, like so many cheap magicians.

Scribbles’ SEO copywriting
At Scribbles, we believe in being transparent in all that we do. SEO copywriting really isn’t complex or mysterious at all: it’s simply using established, accepted methods of promoting your business as experts in your field, so that search engines recognise this fact.

As specialist web and SEO copywriters, we apply the experience gathering through years of developing content and designing for the online environment in order to attract and retain the attention of search engines, as well as your human audience. Every project that we undertake uses only legitimate and ethical SEO copywriting techniques to increase the likelihood of the major search engines sitting up and taking notice of your site.

SEO copywriting for your online presence, whatever your budget
We’re happy to take on any size of project: from the optimisation of a single home page, to the analysis, design and implementation of an SEO copywriting plan for an entire website. So why not call us on 01707 660 377 or email us to discuss your specific needs?

SEO Copywriting

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Project elements:

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  • SEO copywriting
  • Regular copy updates